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Welcome to the Fury Netball Club.

Our Club is now 4 years old and had its first season of Winter in 2019 at the Success Netball Association.


Our current Committee Members have all been part of other Netball Clubs over the last 10 years, and have come together to help the growing number of youngsters wanting to play socially or develop their skills further .


We would love for you to be a part of Fury, and hope that the playing experience for you and/or your children will be a positive one.

We are always looking for new players, Umpires, Coaches, Committee Members and Volunteers so please contact us if you would be interested in any of these positions.



Fury Netball Club Values ‘Together we are strong’


In General we want all players, parents and spectators to..

- Have fun!
- Treat everyone with respect
- Treat ALL club members equally
- Be passionate about the game of netball & our club
- Promote Junior development
- Maintain integrity in everything we do

We aspire to ………

- Play as one Club, while fostering TEAMWORK and a unique culture for all Fury Teams.

- Encourage each player to experience and enjoy the culture of netball, and to have FUN in playing sport.

- Inspire in our players a strong ethic where DISCIPLINE, integrity, humility, and passion combine into a strength of character.

- Foster an environment of TEAMWORK, mutual trust, dedication, and RESPECT.

- Develop a framework for achieving EXCELLENCE, for our players, coaches and umpires.

- The very highest standards of play.

- Create Fury ambassadors respected by the SNA community and our sports.


We want to be a club that offers both fun and developmental pathways to all of our members.

We plan to work closely with our members to make this vision a reality.

Come join us for the winter season, we’d love to have you on board with Fury

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